Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some Days I Severely Dislike Facebook

I have a major love/hate relationship with facebook. I love it for keeping connected and reconnecting with people. I can share photos with friends and family and chat with people without running up my phone bill. Facebook has allowed me to connect with people and stay in contact with others who I may have not seen again. Facebook is wonderful for these things and it has many good aspects of it, though there are some downfalls.
On Facebook is so easy to misunderstand people. In person it is much easier to understand tone and intent when you can actually hear a persons voice and often you will choose your word better. A lot of people use Facebook to hide behind they are all abrasive and forward, and say things they never would in person. Sometimes this is a good thing most times it is a bad thing. If you wouldn't normally say something to someone then just don't say it. Remember the good old advice from Thumper's dad. " If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." I know sometimes that advice is super hard to follow. Sometimes you don't even say something intending to be mean and others interpret it as mean. Facebook can be a wonderful place for DRAMA, and I hate to say it but it is worse among us females. We have a whole new method of being catty and mean with Facebook. We message each other and talk about others. Sometimes it is speculation that they are talking about you other times you just know they are talking about you. We play little games and tags ourselves out with our friends, sometimes knowing that the person we left out is going to see and feel jealous. Facebook has given people a super easy way to bully, heck you don't even have to get dressed to make someone's life miserable.

Bullying aside, the drama that one can create on Facebook is just silly. I had seen a really funny meme the other day but I can't find it now. Which said " Quitting Facebook is just like running away from home, you know you'll be back!" It is so true, on a regualr basis I see people. They get all fired up and mad about something and want attention so they post saying that they are leaving Facebook. Their friends then tell them that Facebook wouldn't be the same, they are so sad to see them go and yada yada yada. If they leave they never leave for long, at least in my experience. It's drama plain and simple. Someone want to feel like they matter and for some if no one posts after they have had their status up, they simply delete it and post something else whiny. Sometimes it's not outwardly whiny though some times it is totally passive aggressive. Just pointed enough that the knowing party in which it is intended for will know what you are talking about, but no one else will.  Or even better people can ask you what is up and you can hash out your poor side of the story, playing even more of the victim.

Now don't get me wrong I'm all for passive aggressive behavior at time but when it is all the time it is annoying. Sometimes you need to be a bit subtle and underhanded with some people in order to get the message across, or to just make someone feel like crap. There are people who sometimes need to be taken down a peg or five.

I recently got to be in the middle one one of these Facebook girl fights and not just a bystander like normal. It really was silly I said something, and people didn't like the way I said it even though they agreed with me.  o_O I know sometimes people just want to pick fights. The girl I pretty much told to "own her issues and if it was important she would make it work" freaked out. Swore at me and just lost it. There life went a little high school from there with other girls cutting me down ( even thought they "agreed" with me ) Some standing up for me. the banter went back and forth for an hour or so and then it fizzled out. Only to be brought to life again on a totally unrelated topic. Well poop hit the fan and things were said, feeling were hurt, people got mad. One person left the group in the heat of the moment and all seemed to calm. The next day everything was revived by a certain offended person saying that maybe things weren't right for them and blah blah blah. They said they would leave in 48 hours and that you could say what you wanted to to them. o_O Once again attention seeking.. If you are leaving say goodbye and leave. don't stay around asking for people to be sad you are going say your piece and leave, that is if you are really done and not just looking for attention. Ugh I'm getting too old for this.

So in final bit. Please stop the Facebook drama. Talk to real people. Go outside and if someone says something that upsets you go to that person don't make a big deal over it. Have some tact and decency!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mommy Confession ~~~~~ Laundry

Laundry is awful, really it sucks because unless we become nudists there is always something to wash. Now I'm pretty good with getting it through the washer and the dryer. Yes some days it may sit in the washer for a bit, and get that icky stinky smell. I totally wash it again when that happens. Yes some times it will sit in the dryer for a while too!

 Though after the washing cycle this happens a lot. Yup into the laundry basket and when someone compains about not having something I'll get around to folding it. Or there is my awesome husband who does it for me. He rocks!

Mommy Confession Monday~~~ what is it and why?

Okay I'm going to aim to start this little series on Mondays that is Mommy Confession time. There are so Many blogs out there that seem to show one side of motherhood. Either good or bad. I'm aiming for this one to have a bit of everything so you get a well rounded view of my mommy life. I'm in no way a perfect any sort of mom and I kinda pride myself on that. I like the aspects of many different parenting styles but not able to commit to all aspects of one style. I take what works and go with it.  I love natural living but I'm way to lazy to make everything from scratch. I love to pretend I'm going to make all these wonderful crafts I see but I just don't have the time, money or motivation. I would love to say I'm a gentle parent and I never raise my voice or give my children consequences. I would love to say that I am so in tune with my children that they have no need to tantrum, scream or yell because their needs are all met. But that would be lying.
So this is pretty much going to be my weekly confession as to where my technicolored dream world falls short of reality.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

My personal Vi FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions that I get. Now theses are my questions and my answers if you need more information I urge you to look on the ViSalus pages or contact me and I can point you in the direction of the info you need.

What is it?
It's a 90 day challenge. A health challenge, to better the lives we are living.

What are you doing?
I am taking the vi shake twice a day as a meal replacement for breakfast and lunch. I also eat snack and have a healthy well portioned dinner. I also am  beginning to run and exercise more, as part of making a lifestyle change to be healthy.

Is all you drink is shakes all day? 
Heavens no I like my food. I just use my shakes as a two meal a day supplement. I have snacks ( healthy and unhealthy) and a properly portioned dinner. If I'm hungry I drink water first ( thirst is often mistaken for hunger) and then have a snack.

What can I eat? Do I just have to eat vegetables?
Generally I suggest eating food, non edibles really don't hold that much nutrition. Eat smart, really this is about life style and using your brain when you are eating. Now i'm not saying completely abstain form your favorites. You can indulge in the odd treat. Yes if you really want that cheeseburger have it, but not everyday. or make your own at home with real meat and lots of veggies on it. and maybe skip the fries this time or make some home baked fries. There is always options, to make something healthier. Fat is not your enemy it can be your friend if you eat right. Also no you don't have to do one of those diet where you eat just green things or just raw. Eat smart balance your meals and eat real whole foods it will help you along with you goals. If you need some suggestions, ViSalus has a one week meal plan to give you an idea, right here.

Are you going to have shakes forever?
For the rest of my life I can't say, but as long as I keep enjoying them and they keep working for me why not. It is the convince factor that really works for me. I may not use them forever but who knows. Heck if you look at some movie in the future we all have drinks from a cup so why not something I enjoy. Not this is not saying that you have to have them forever. Whatever works for you is going to work for you. Take 90day and commit and then see where you go from there.

Can pregnant and nursing women do this?
Short answer yes. Long answer feel free to check out my previous blog post Pregnancy and Breastfeeding with ViSalus. Though with anything I am not a doctor and if you are special circumstances or have any concerns I urge you to consult with your caregiver. Please be informed and take information with you to ask specific questions.

What about kids?
Well my kids love them. I will give the shakes to my children and they have not had any issues in fact days when they have their morning shake are better, but good full nutrition will do that. Now before the flame comes I feed my kids nutritious stuff for breakfast but most days all they want is cereal so that is what they have. Then they will have something else for a mid morning snack. My point is my kids like them and I feel safe giving them to my children.

Now if you have more questions that this didn't cover please comment with a question or send me an e-mail. I will be happy to help you search out your answers. I just want to help people reach the OPTIMAL YOU

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Update time

Here's the skinny on what is going on. I don't like rain and I live in the rainiest place ever. well maybe not ever but it rains a lot here. Due to the fact that I don't like being wet and cold I don't run when it is raining which really gets me to fall behind on getting regular running. I plan and then it rains or life happens. So this is my plan for the next month rain or shine run three times a week. Even if it means getting up ...ugh...early. I like my sleep but I need to commit. I feels much better when I get my runs in much more of a zen mommy. Keep me on track I have written it down it is concrete.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Look how much you can save on what you don't need!

Consumerism drives me bonkers. Now I know we are a society which generally speaking requires "stuff". Lots of "stuff". Though really how much "stuff" do you need? Well that depends on who you ask, some people really don't need a lot and others think they need everything. Now when it comes to stuff everyone wants to get the best deal. We are in an economic down turn money is tight, we need a deal. Plus we know that all of our money is going into someone else pocket that probably has too much money anyways.
 For the last few years people talk about how much money they saved on something. Where has the best deal? Who has the best price? Though my question is a very simple one. Do I need it? This is usually my first questions to myself when I see something. Now yes I falter and make impulsive silly little decisions, I used to be pretty bad. I would buy stuff because it is snazzy and I want it.Then I would wonder why i didn't have money when I actually needed something. Yes sometimes it is nice to have snazzy stuff, but I don't need it all. I really do not need the biggest fanciest newest toy on the market. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that, especially when we are talking to sales people.

Now sales people are trained to sell it is their job. Very often commissioned sales personal are seen as seedy deceptive people who are just trying to make a buck. Some are and some aren't, but it is defiantly a stereotype.     Most times you need to read between the words that they are saying. Most times you need to just get what you needed and get out. Though the reality a lot of us get suckered in to the "deal" where if you get this instead you get this for free, or even better if you get this upgrade it cost more but it is better so this is what you really want.
We recently went to a presentation for a certain member buying club. It sounded great getting things at cost and we have a few bigger purchases coming up so it made sense. They offered us the buying power we thought we needed to make some upcoming purchases. It all sounded great until they told us that they didn't have what we were looking for, that what we wanted was to specialty?!?!? Toddler sized beds are rare??? I was rather ticked that we had been promised they carried something and that I would be able to save gads of money on it. Now they have taken some step to try and rectify the issue which included gift cards to purchase stuff in their store but would not let me out of the contract. They took advantage of us and I hope we will be able to use this to our advantage. Though right now I'm angered by sleek sales men who tell you whatever you want in order to get the sale. Doing your job is one thing but lying outright is another.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lil Squish and nights

Oh my sweet lil Squish, you are so tired and need to sleep. Yes it is only 9 pm but you have barely slept today and I know you are tired. You are rolling around on the couch and floor rubbing you eyes. It is not a bad thong to sleep, in fact it is encouraged. Why when Daddy was away did you go to bed so nicely, and now that he is home you are wide awake and ready to go? I promise you we are not doing anything amazing. Please sleep lil one sleep.

What do you do to get your littles to sleep at night?

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mommy Life with Shakes

Okay so here is my theory, every mom should be on the 90 day challenge. Do you want to know why I think this? Let's face it we are busy. Most of us are on the go all the time doing something, cleaning something or prepping to be doing or cleaning something. Mom life is not just sitting on the couch eating bon bons and watching soap operas. And if you are even more reason for you to join me, that is just not healthy, but that aside. Let's talk mom life or at least my mom life, I like to think it is pretty normal on at least the big picture.

Before  the 90 Day Challenge

I would get up late again, usually hubby has gotten up with the kids and gotten them started on getting ready but he has to get to work. The baby is whining again because he wants to nurse so i pull him into bed, fall asleep again.Wake up again and look at the time. Ahhhhhh Crap now we are really late. Jump out of bed, and go find something to wear. Rush into the kitchen  and open the fridge. "what are they going to eat for lunch/ constant ongoing snack today?" Rush rush rush. Chop chop chop. Throw food into the lunch bag. " SHOES!!!!!" Look at the cupboard. Think that I should eat something, figure I don't have time. Everything takes time and I really don't like quick breakfast foods. Run out the door with three kids in tow to whatever thing we have going on. (field trips, classes, whatever) Lunch time rolls around and I'm hungry but so are the kids. Usually I let them eat first because I never know what they are going to eat. It depends on the day, some days they eat a bunch some day they barely eat. Though most of the time they eat most of everything, at least Bobo does. He is a big snacker and is always hungry. We will finish whatever it is that we are doing and head home for me to make dinner. Now I'm in the kitchen and I haven't eaten really anything today. Same thing happens I start eating because I'm hungry. My sugars are low and I want sweets, I should have protein but chocolate chips look so yummy. I cave, I suck and I know it. We eat dinner, I eat too much. I feel crappy and fat, now I'm sad. What do I do when I'm sad, eat more chocolate. See this cycle happening here, yea not healthy or good. I would snack on unhealthy things at night and it just would spiral downward.

After the 90 Day Challenge

Still pretty much the same thing It didn't make me more organized, sorry. But now while I'm chopping and stuffing my blender is blending. Voila Breakfast that I can drink between rushing kids into shoes. And my shaker cup, my new best buddy, is MY lunch and I just throw what I want into it and stick it in the lunch bag. I will tell you what though I still snack, I still love my snacks and chocolate. Though I have less of the sugary stuff because I'm not craving it like a crazy person. Yes I was a crazy craver, like wild eyed crazy person.

Funny thing about this is I am actaully eating more and getting more nutrition. That I believe is why my cravings are much lower and much more manageable. My body is being fed. Now My energy is another thing why I'm telling you mom's out there to join me. My kids are not wearing me out. My kids aren't driving me insane. Why? Because I have the energy to deal with them and do stuff with them. I am a better mom, honestly. Now this is not super mom juice, this is just nutrition, and it is amazing what nutrition can do for your body. So take it from me this works, this has given my children their mom back. This has given me, me back. Life is great life is fun and heck why not make some money too! Join as a promoter and you can have all these benefits of life and maybe even cruise around in your free BMW!!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Love yourself today, you'll thank yourself tomorrow

I have heard time and time again that the best person qualified to love you, is you. This is really true for everyone but I think really needs to ring louder for women. Living in the mommy world has shown me mommy guilt. It is a rampant disease that affects most mom's, at least the ones I know and interact with.

 GUILT a feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offense, crime,wrong, etc., whether real or imagined.

Now imagined is a big one with mom's I think. We moms constantly compare themselves to our friends and other moms. There is always something about our lives that we want to change and it seems like so many other have it together. Now who knows maybe I'm the only one who feels this way and because I feel this way I'm projecting my thoughts on to others, but I kinda doubt it.

Now to see where I am going with this you know that friend of yours, who's life is perfect. She always has the best clothes her hair is perfect she has time to work out and see friends. She is never covered in puke snot or poop. She could probably walk a mile in those heels and still look amazing. Or the one whose kids are angles who sit when they are told and play quietly and nicely where you are out. She never has to raise her voice at her perfect angels. Or what about the one with the perfectly cleaned house, there is never a speck of dust and everything looks like it came out a a magazine. Or, or, or I could go one for awhile. I bet you are thinking about her and how lovely that life sounds. STOP IT!!!!!

That is her reality, sure it sounds nice but you have no idea what she has had to do to get there. Maybe she has something else going on behind the scenes. Heck maybe she desperately wants to be comfortable just like you wearing the same shirt as yesterday, yes we noticed you are wearing the exact same thing and we know it's not because you love that outfit and you did all your laundry last night. It's because that was the cleanest thing in the house at the moment. That is okay though, you have different priorities.

Us women need to stop wishing for someone elses life. Now I'm not saying don't aspire to something different. Don't try and make your lives better. What we need to do is stop beating ourselves up because we are not as good as.......... Some of us are better house keepers, some of us a fashionistas, some of us have more patience and are better with kids.

We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. We need to forgive ourselves for our failings, and love ourselves in spite of them. We are each beautiful women in all our glories. Most of us aspire to be the best parent for our children. Some days the dishes pile up and the dust gathers in the corners, other days the house is clean. Some days you look and feel like a garbage truck ran over you, other days you look like a sexy hot mama. It's all a balance, it's all about being happy with you. You are the best you you can be.

Now if you don't like where you are then change it. Take some time and set a goal. Look for people around you who inspire you. Shut down the negativity in your brain of "I can't do it". One of my favorite quotes is from Henry Ford.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.”

Henry Ford

It's your life you can change it but change it for you, for once. Now don't stop thinking about others, but allow yourself to be important as well.

The imagined mommy guilt needs to stop. You are not a bad mom because you don't make smiley bacon and egg breakfasts fro your family every morning with a smile on your face and a song in your heart. You did at least make sure that there was cereal and milk, right? That counts. Just because the mom down the street has colour coordinated lunches for what their children are wearing does not mean you should. Heck I wouldn't advise it. That sounds like a lot of work. I tell my friends that as long as my kids are happy fed and enjoying life the dirty floor can wait. The dishes can wait until the kids are in bed. My babies are only little for so long, and I'm going to enjoy it. I don't want my dying regrets to be I wish I spent more time with my kids. So this is me going out and making and effort to stop feeling guilty embracing my choices and spend more time focused on us and our lives and less about why I'm not the perfect mom. I'm a work in progress!

Friday, May 4, 2012

What's for dinner?

Every now and then I plan to feature what we are having for dinner.

Tonight was pretty simple and easy to make.

Baked Chicken with Quinoa and Glazed Carrots


3 chicken breasts with cayenne pepper and garlic salt on it. Baked from frozen in a 350 degree over for about and hour

5 peeled carrots are baked with butter and coconut sugar in the same over for 30 minutes

1 cup of Qunioa is cooked to bag directions with a teaspoon of lime juice and 2 teaspoons of curry.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Introducing Mama's Monkeys

First we have the biggest monkey whom we affectionately call Bug

Second we have the middle monkey, otherwise known as Bobo

Finally the baby monkey also know as Lil Squish

Healthy Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

Super yummy soft chewy delicious cookies

1/2 cup of REAL butter ( yes it is good for you)
1 egg ( farm fresh is best but any ol' egg will do)
1 tbsp of raw honey 
1/2 cup of applesacuce
1 tsp of cinnamon
a teeny pinch of nutmeg
a dash of all- spice
1/4 cup of coconut sugar 
1/3 cup of unsweetened coconut 
1 cup of cooked Qunioa (cooled a bit)
3 scoops of VI Shape mix
1/2 tsp of baking soda
1 1/3 cup of flour ( i just used white becasue I couldn't find almond flour)
3/4 cup of chocolate chips. (I chop my chips so they go further)

Mix it all together and spoon onto a cookie sheet cook for 13 minutes at 350 F

tons of protien and super yummy

**** i'l post a picture next time I make them

Homeschooling, why in the heck would anyone do it??

Quite simply because it is awesome!
I love watching my children explore their world whether it is learning to walk or learning basic math skills.  My children keep me busy most days, mostly with questions about this or that. They are according to me quite simply wonderful little beings. I have blogged a bit about homeschooling here, our journey and my thoughts. it needs work but it's a work in progress. Much like many other things that I do.
Now I have had so many people tell me they wish they had done that, or usually a lot of people tell me that they could never do it that they aren't smart enough to school their child. I usually smile and give hope and encouragement to them. If your children are in school and you think they would benefit from being home then bring them home. Now it sounds simple but isn't always so, some kids don't want to be home. There are many reasons but most of them I find are all socially based, they want their friends. I really don't understand why people seem to think that you don't have friends when you homeschool. Sure my kids don't see the exact same kids every weekday. They do have friends lots of friends, of varying ages too! Learning at home is becoming much more popular right now and with the distance learning centers and alternative schools there are more options then there ever were.
Now what are some of my big reasons for homeschooling.
1- I didn't like the idea of full day, week long kindergarten.
2- My little guy is busy he is not a sit and do something for 5 minutes kind of kid.
3- They are little for only so long. Both of us didn't `t want him away for many hours each day

Why does homeschooling work for us and not others? I really don't know, to tell you the truth. There are days where it's not sunshine and roses. There are stormy days but they end just like every other storm we encounter. I weigh the pros against the cons and my kids always win.

Here is my with my three monkeys that I get to spend my days with.