Monday, December 31, 2012

Mamavation Monday- Pledge post

This is my first of hopefully many Mamavation posts.

This will be my pledge post.

I have been working on trying to get fit and get healthy for years now. I have tried some fad diets. I have tried committing to a work out routine. You know what though, I keep failing at the follow through. Very very sad.

exercise can be a family thing
I actually like working out as silly as it sounds. I like running, I like working with the heavy bag. I like being outside. I suck at commitment though, at least where my health is concerned. I have no trouble finding an excuse why I can't do it. Right now it's the weather. Though it's silly because I like being outside and I don't mind it once I'm out it's just getting out. My kids are another excuse I use far too often. They, thought are my reason for needing to get into shape.  Really it boils down to being lazy. I really have no other push then the push inside me and it like to rest as well.

Alas exercise is only part of the issue

Beef &artichoke, sweet potatos & avacado

Food, what glorious food. I love to cook and I love to bake. This past year I have been on a quest of making healthier choices. It is working I am getting better. My food choices are much more aware of what I am eating. We are have real food! I don't do pre packaged foods. I don't do fake " low fat" "fat free" processed stuff. The problem is treats, snacks and desserts. I love them. I like to eat them, they taste yummy. I keep them to a lower number then before, the problem is WHEN it eat them. I eat them once all the children have gone to bed and I remember that there are goodies in the cupboard and I want to eat them.  I have a problem I have an addiction to sugar I know I need to stop, but I feel crazy sometimes.
I wonder if I knew I was actually accountable to someone other then myself if I could kick the sugar bug.

I will really push harder to keep my commitments. This is a new year about to start. While I can't recreate where i have been I can start now and change the ending!

I'm hoping the Sistahood can help me keep on track. I'm motivated to getting healthy and helping others along their way. Go 2013!!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Get Adjusted

I am a big fan of Chiropractic. Now Not  just anyone will do for me though. I'm picky about my chiropractors. I usually look for a referral from someone I trust before I go to a new chiropractor. I need to know that they trust in other forms of natural health care. I need to know that they truly believe in what they are doing. I need them to have a goal of overall wellness with Chiropractic only being a piece in the whole puzzle.

I have used Chiropractic in my pregnancies and with my newborns ( 3-6 weeks were their first adjustments) I use Chiropractic and massage for general wellness and pain management.

I encourage you to do your research and ask around before just going to anyone. make sure you know them and their skill set. Make sure that their philosophy will work for you!

As always I'm not a doctor. Do your own research and make your own decisions!

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Does post Christmas get you down?

The presents are opened. Thank yous are exchanged. The turkey dinner is done. The friends and family have gone home There should be a feeling of peace and happiness from everyone. Tis the season of good tiddings and all!

          But there isn't     :(

The phenomenon that I have heard referred to as  "The Christmas Letdown"

There is so much build up to Christmas months of prep hours shopping. Time spent decorating and planning, all leading up to one day. The when it is done..... now what?

Often I heard people say "never again". Though the reality is we are creatures of habit, we'll do it again just like last year and the year before.

Why do we have this desire to have one day of the year filled with presents and glitz and so much stuff? Does it make us happier? Maybe for the day but how long does it last? Far too many people have stuff of Christmas day then run out boxing day and buy more stuff. Or exchange what you didn't like to get something better.

Then you have stuff. Does the stuff make you happy? Does it fill you life with joy? Maybe it does for for now but in a week will it still be the best thing ever?

Small and simple Christmas
We really worked hard on decreasing the stuff this year. We didn't make a big deal over Christmas stuff we focused on what was important, FAMILY. It may have been just us but it was one of the best days we have had in awhile. I didn't stress over a fancy dinner, we had meatloaf.

We kept gifts to a minimum and they were mostly useful gifts, books, watches, blankets, PJ's and a few small toys. Honestly unwrapping was done in like 45 minutes. The kids were happy they got what they had wanted. I suppose I'm lucky that they didn't want much. ( definitely an advantage to no TV and homeschooling :) )
We are fortunate that our families are very understanding about our desire to keep the stuff to a minimum. They understand our desire for memories and quality over quantity. :)

Do I feel a sadness that Christmas is over? No. Why not? Because other then a few extra presents, snow and Christmas carols, and a tree we didn't do really anything major. Christmas will come again and I will continue to keep it stress free.
Time spent together is better then money spent on each other

Maybe next year there will be a big dinner but I don't get stressed about having people over either. I enjoy good tidings and fun.

Avoid the Christmas let down by keeping things normal and keep your focus on what is important. The stuff isn't, the people and memories are!

Monday, December 24, 2012

We believe in Santa

How much do you know about Santa? The fat man in red and white, what role does he play in your home? Does he play any role at all?

In our home Santa is talked about and the children choose to believe in him. We don't make a giant production of it. He is a fun Christmas game, as far as presents go, watching the Santa tracker and making cookies. In the morning their stocking will be filled but there will be no giant "Santa" present.

Some people have asked me how I present this idea of Santa to my children.  We simply have discussed the story of St. Nicholas, the original Santa. How he was a man who gave gifts to children because he cared about them. He was a good man who cared about others and helped them out with the money that he had. He was an example of Christ like love.

My boys are aware that all the men they see dressed as Santa is just a person in a costume. They still have fun and play the game. There is no harm, I think, as long as they know the truth. I don't drill it into them. It's light it's fun.

Santa can be a wonderful tool for teaching your children about the season of giving, the miracle and wonders that come out of being generous this season. It doesn't have to be something big that is given but the thought and desire to give to another is what should be focused on.

Yes we believe in Santa, we believe in the spirit and the good that Santa can do!!! The real Santa, the one who lives and shows Christs love!

Merry Christmas to you.

Please remember even if you don't celebrate what I celebrate

Above all I believe in love and that will make the world a better place

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Emotional teeter totter

Your mental balance is very important. Going to emotional extremes can be extremely taxing on your your health. Most often people don't think of their mental health when they are thinking about getting healthy. Your mental health is so important thought!

Your thoughts can change your success.

                                                    Stress can change progress.

Your self esteem can hold you back from seeing what you are doing

                                                        The need for praise can make you feel like a failure.

You need to be in a head space that you can go for your dreams. Where when people tell you what you are doing wont work, you believe in yourself. When they tell you you'll gain it all back, you'll know you can keep your success going. When they tell you there's not point, if your going to have another baby. You'll know that having a healthy fit body is better for both you and baby and that you can lose the weight again!

There will be down days, there will be up days. But you are in control of your emotions. You can decide how you are going to let people's attitudes determine your emotions. You are a woman and you have all the power you need to do what you need to do. Go for it!!!! 

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

A question of fad diets

It seems like every month there is a new diet that everyone must try.

 "Rid belly fat"
                                  " drop 10 lbs in 10 days!"
                                                                              "Change your life in ____ days"

                 "eat only _____ calories and you'll drop 2-3lbs a day"

                                    " only eat__________ for the rest of you life and you'll be skinny!"

You've heard them all and you probably hear them on a regular basis. If you are struggling with your weight you will likely have well meaning family members telling you about all the latest this or that. Most people look at things and wonder if it can really be all the rainbows and sunshine that people marketing the product tell you.

It can be there can be really good aspects for most of the fad diets out there. But those are aspects! You need to think critically about what each diet is presenting to you.

It should 1st and foremost be offering you a lifestyle change. You got to where you are by the lifestyle you have right now. That needs to change. It should be realistic and doable.
It should be offering you a deadline. Goals without deadlines are just dreams. If this has been a struggle you need a deadline, this helps breed accountability.
It should have meal plan assistance and suggestions. Nothing is harder than when trying to switch your food and having no idea what you are doing. They should be easy to do and easy to maintain. Having good healthy food that is easy to do will help a success in your diet change.
It should include a exercise plan. Whether you follow it or not is really your choice but there should be on there for you to use. A diet that doesn't involve exercise is not on the path to a healthy body, just a skinny body and they are not the same thing.

Now you are going to do what you are going to do. You need to do what is healthy for your body. I myself started using Protein Shakes a little less than a year ago. I changed my life, I changed my energy, I changed my health.  For me it was a doable plan complete with what I needed. and that was an easy healthy option for an on the go mom who doesn't remember to eat during the day and binges at night. For me it worked. I progressively learned how to change my health and while I still use my shakes most mornings I don't require them and I am looking for more natural options. For me it was essentially a gateway thing something to start the process. I'm not going towards a healthier more natural organic diet.

So not all fads are bad, but some are. I personally would never use a starvation diet. I think they are bad for you and unhealthy. 1100- 1600 calories of good real food calories per day is what I need for my self and my situation.

Now please remember to always consult your health professional before bringing any diet or exercise routine In theory they know you better than me.

There is no magic pill, anyone who tells you there is, is lying to you and is trying to take your money!

It took time to get where you are it will take time to get back!!!!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Power of Kindness

Have you ever thoughts about the real power of kindness? How being truly kind, without motive, can not only empower yourself but those around you? How simple kind acts can turn someone's day around?

You yourself are a wonderful and powerful individual who can do so very much. Your words and your actions hold much more power then you realize. The way you treat you, yourself and those around you shape who you are and who you appear to be.

Kindness is something that seems to be lacking in this world unfortunately and it is sad. For some people it is a hard thing to do. Some people are naturally kind to others, while  for some it takes honest effort.

Sometimes ,I understand it is hard to out stretch a hand to someone who you think is bad or wrong.  Though that where your real character shows through, when you help the least of us. When you help someone when there is no benefit to you.

The power of kindness is amazing. It can do amazing things! It can really have a domino effect on our lives if we just let it. If we let ourselves be kind and accept kindness.

This video has been going around Facebook for a few weeks now through my friends. It's not mine I didn't create it, but I love it! Show how kindness and love can really go a long way. Try and stop hating and condemning for a few moments and  look around you, if you don't see the kindness and love, maybe start the chain.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Get up and Hydrate

Staying hydrated is the best things for your body.

So many people lack the basic hydration needs that your body desires. A little tip.

Drink a glass of water right after you get up in the morning. Then another one 30 minutes later.

This will help you hydration get kick started first thing in the morning. another tip has been to add lemon juice to help cleanse your body :)

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Is ViSalus a scam?

Believe me I have heard it time and time again. You know what, it could be depending on what you consider a scam to be.

Now ViSalus offers a very lucrative compensation plan. If you do the work needed you can make money, some real money. Money, vacations, BMW's are all the fancy things that go with this company. It does come with work and effort. Depending on your personality you could do very well or not.  They have a system in place for you to follow. It is a really simple system, I find though it takes time I don't have being a mom of three. I don't really have down time fro my kids, it is hard to make phone calls with kids yelling in the background. There are amazing bonuses but you have to hit certain goals every months. You need a team that works hard and goes for it, day in, day out. You need to be adding people to your teams monthly. It can be done but once again it means work. This is a job, a job that you are completely accountable for your success with. Except maybe your upline, no one is going to be bugging you to work to get your pay cheque. This can be a good thing for some not so good for others. Depends are you a motivated person? Is this work going to mean the difference between food on your table or not? Motivation is going to be what drives your business, is your why big enough? Is it going to continue to be big enough for sustainability?

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sassy water.......?

Looking for a way to perk up those 8 glasses of water that you should be drinking every day? Look no further…I present to you Sassy Water! Not only is it tasty, but sassy water is touted as a way to help you shed some extra pounds around your midsection by eliminating a buildup of contaminants, fat, and excess water weight.

You Will Need:
{8 ½} cups water
{1} teaspoon grated ginger
{1} medium cucumber, sliced thin
{1} large lemon, sliced thin
{12} mint leaves

Mix all ingredients together in a pitcher and refrigerate overnight. The next morning, strain and drink all 8 ½ cups throughout the day.

Why it works: Cucumber is natural diuretic, and helps the body release stored excess water. Ginger boosts metabolism and helps calm and soothe your GI tract.