Thursday, June 21, 2012

Are you up for the Challenge?

Take a good look at your life right now. Is there anything you would like to change about it? Really anything at all? Let's face it everyone has something that they would like to change in their lives. There is always something that could use a little bit of improvement. I know I have a ton of areas the could use a little tweaking. Enter the Challenge. Now this is more to me then just losing a few pounds and a way to make some money. It is so much more than that to me now. I have been challenging myself for a few months now. Originally it was just to lose some weight. I did that, I feel pretty successful with it too! I love that clothes aren't making me cry anymore. I like going and trying on clothes and them fitting. I feel attractive again. How I feel about myself, it what is important. I know I'm never going to be some thin gorgeous person you see on a magazine cover. I have curves I'll embrace my curves and know that it's not about being skinny but it is about being an optimal me. I can live with optimal me.

Now on to the money part. Yes I said money. That bottom line can be a heavy motivator in so many peoples lives. The economy stinks right now, and a lot of people are going through hard times. Most people are looking for a viable way to make money.  ViSalus can be the vehicle to make you some serious money. Only if you are willing to do the work though. It take hard work and dedication, to make a continuing flow of cash. As a company we do not make any claims to fortune because it isn't guaranteed, the money is there but you have to work for it. There is potential all over the place and it is possible. If you would like more details about the compensation plan click here. There is also a wonderful video on the website that can explain things as well. Things are growing and growing, get in while the getting is good. Now if you are thinking this is a get rich quick scheme , simply it isn't. Heck yes you can get rich quick IF  you want it bad enough and are they type of person who can talk to people. This involves work and dedication. You need to make calls and follow up you need to care you need to build your team. If you can do that I highly suggest you join RIGHT NOW!!!! Your next 90 days can be amamzing. Don't pause don't think just click that join now button on the side bar or for simplicity sake right here. Join as a distributor and watch your life change. It is possible if you want it. Do you want it bad enough to take a risk with both feet in? Now you know already if you need to make more money. You need to go for success and go for the gold make the moola and change your life.

Are you up for the Challenge?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mommy Confession ~~~~~~ Patience

My patience is reserved 90% of the time for when we are out. It's true! I'm much more of a patient mother when we are out and about with the kids. Or maybe it just seems that I require more patience with my children when we are out. I really don't know why when another party is involved apparently that is the time to go crazy and drive mom batty???? Seriously. Some times I just want a few minutes where I can carry on an adult conversation with out a kid attached or having to chase one down.
Bobo has a particular affinity for asking for the same thing 20 times even if I have given him the answer he wants. He just simply isn't listening. My patience is tested most days when we go out but nothing test my patience more than this simple regular act right at home.

ring ring... hello?
Hi! Just thought I would call and catch up? how have things been?
Great! Good the hear from you.

This is the moment when the previously quiet occupied child decide they need to do something else. Is this something else constructive? Nope, no such luck. It is battle time or time to ask mom 20 times for whatever it is that is not allowed right now. In hopes that she will change he mind. Mom is on the phone she doesn't want to deal with us in a normal manner?  She wants to have a normal civil conversation with her friend. Mom will give into TV, games or treats when she is busy, wont she?

Drives me nuts. It is every single time I am on the phone too! No wonder I don't make work phone calls during the day!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Review & Giveaway ~ Crocheted Goodies by Faith

I purchased this super adorable owl hat from a long time friend of mine. We have known each other since before babies. Heck I wasn't even married yet. She custom makes these super cute hats. I actually found a picture online of what I was looking for, picked the colours and she did all the hard work for me.  I got this hat for lilttle Squish because it was cold and I wanted a cute hat for him. I have this thing with owl hats right now too, I think they are so cute.

I also think lil Squish looks cute in it. Though he looks cute in a paper bag.

The construction of these hats are just amazing super soft and well put together. It has taken a beating from being pulled on and off and it still looks as good as new.  Love this hat and thinking of getting my own this fall. Or may sooner if the warm weather never comes.

Faith has put together a wonderful Facebook page for her business. She has albums with a bunch of the items she offers hats, head band, booties and newest little cup cozies ( coming soon)

Faith has agreed to give one of my readers their choice of child or baby sized hat  How awesome is that? How lucky for all of you. 
This is going to be my first giveaway since the launch of the blog so it is going to be open for a week. I will then contact the winner, and arrange contact with Faith. You will need to give her a few weeks to make your custom order. This giveaway is open to Canada only . 

I purchased my own hat and received no compensation for this review

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, June 15, 2012

Choco-Banana Cookies (egg free)

Choco-Banana Cookies

1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 tsp of vanilla extract
1 ripe banana
2 tbsp apple sauce
1/2 cup coconut
1/2 tsp baking soda
3 cup almond flour
1/2 cup of chocolate chips

Preheat oven 350

Blend sugars and butter till combined. Add vanilla, banana and apple sauce, mix til all mixed together. Add coconut, baking soda and almond flour till all combined and it looks dough like. add Chocolate chip. Form into balls and lightly press down. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 13 minutes or till the tops are a bit cracked

My husband say these taste like banana chocolate chip muffin but in cookie form.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Running for Beginners

I have always wanted to run. Really I have, the feeling of running just relaxes me. Sometimes I just need to get out and run. I have always had an excuse as to why I'm not going out and running. Heck I have had an excuse as to why I am not even exercising. Since starting on my Challenge though I have started running. I actually finally have the energy to do it. I made one big mistake though. I didn't ease into running. I got injured, that put a stop to my running for a bit. I lost momentum and I fell back on to the excuses wagon. That is a very bad place to be. While I have hit a plateau with my weight loss I know getting out again will help kick start things.
My plan for this next time is going to be walk / run combinations. I will be starting with three minute run with a 2 minute walk. I will do 5 sets of this for two weeks three times a week and then I plan on going 5 minute run with a one minute walk. I will take it from there seeing how I am feeling. I would like to be able to run a 5k in by my birthday in September. I have three weeks and if I keep at it I know I can do it. To best improve my health I plan on trying to run three times a week. That will be a bit more challenging with vacationing, but I know if I commit myself and give no excuses I can do it.
Now if you are needing a bit more motivation many running clinics offer beginner classes. Check for one in your area. I know the Running Room is very popular and has great programs. Also the couch to 5k program is supposed to be very good and they have an app now too!

 4 Things to really consider before starting running to prevent injury
- find a training program
- good running shoes
- know how to stretch
- proper warm up and cool down

Get out and have some fun. If running is not enjoyable why bother doing it.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Mommy Confession ~~~~~~ Organization

I would love to be more organized. I would love to say I am an organized person. That would be lying though. I wish my book shelves and house looked more like this. So picturesque, so organized and it looks so nice. I love looking at magazines and seeing these systems but the reality is not as pretty 

photo credit

My "organizational system" looks more like this

and this

I do know where things are most of the time so there must be some organization to it it just is not know to anyone else other than me. This is clearly not nearly as neat and organized as I would like it to be. I wont even show you the boys bookshelf for fear of any actually organized people may have a heart failure and die on me. I do NOT want to be responsible for that! My goal for the year is to have some organization. That may honestly involve a lot of getting rid of stuff first. We aren't TV worthy hoarders but we still have a lot of STUFF!

Friday, June 8, 2012

You may have YOUNG children if.......

I don't know where the original came from but I have seen it circle around Facebook a few times

I put a question out to my mommy friends and this is a mixture of what came back. I had a good laugh putting this together I hope you do too!

- You house looks like has been robbed. It hasn't at least you don't think so
- You know more about the newest toy then the newest restruant
- You have more toys than money in your purse
- The song stuck in your head was written by Raffi or the wiggles and is sung by a puppet
- Last time anyone wore the burgundy lace thong, it was by the two year old as a mask
- You know all the words to your child's favorite book by memory
- Your idea of me time is a trip to the dentist
- You mentally pencil-in time to poop, hopefully solo
- You can't remember the last time you peed alone
- Someone is usually watching you shower, and it's not completely creepy
- The batteries come out of "mommy's toys" to go into the TV remote, instead of the other way around
- You've walked out of the house with your shirt on inside out, and backwards
- You have left the house with puke or snot  on your shirt. You didn't change because it would just happen       again
- The plastic Monistat insert tubs are in the toy box and not the Monistat box
- Half your tampon box is missing, it's also in the toy box ?!?!?! o_O
- At least one kid has worn a panty liner as a sticker
- You reach for your tampon box and it has bite marks. ( vicious little monsters )

I know that are with kids and feminine hygiene products they seem to be fascinated by them.  Any ways back to what we are talking about.

- You have taken the diaper bag to work instead of your work bag
- You get an awesome no-kid idea and it leaves your head almost instantly. Your thoughts are more consumed with the next kid friendly activity.
- You would do just about anything for a warm meal that hasn't been reheated
- Every shirt you own has a stain
- Bad weather days make you want to cry
- You go for a "date" to the Home Show because it's something you can easily leave is the kids need you
- The vacation route is based on where the parks are.
- You need multiple kitchen utensils to keep kids busy while you are cooking
- You would like a new couch but wont buy one, because they will just destroy that one too! Waiting  few years
- You can only take extra kids in the van because car seats occupy the extra seats
- You don't wear your good makeup because it is locked up, literally in the safe.
- The baby pooped sparkles and you don't know how the baby got sparkles
- Some days your face hurts from laughing at the antic of your kids

If you have more please share them. I love my kids, the make me laugh on regular days. They get into everything and leave a wake of disaster in their path. It is awesome and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's okay dirt is good for you.......

photo credit
I let my children get dirty. In fact I regularly encourage it. I am in no way at all the sanitary police. You will not find a bottle of sanitizer in my diaper bag or purse. I simply don't believe in the stuff. Now I usually gets a knee jerk reaction from a lot of parents, when they find out that I don't have any.

" What do you mean you don't sanitize your children? Do you want them to be clean and safe? What about GERMS?????"

Eh, Germs are cool with us. I actually want my children exposed to bacteria, germs and all things microscopic. I believe in the need for natural immunity. Letting my child experience the world and all that is in it. I figure if I let their bodies be exposed to the little things they will better fight off the big things. 

Now I know parents who carry the little bottles everywhere with them some have two or three with them at all times. That is cool with them and if the feel the need for it that is their choice. It is just a choice I don't make for my children.

We actually avoid chemical antibacterial things in out house. We have a few cleaners For good deep cleaning and the toilet and such. I don't use anti bacterial cleansers on a regular day to day cleaning, just good ol' soap and water. My big thing with anti bacterial soap is they kill 99% of bacteria, that sounds great right? Well there is good and bad bacteria and you need the good ones around. They are little bacteria climbing all over everything right now. All over your skin hair and even side you, and that is a good thing. Your immune system is better for all of it.
Generally my kids are pretty healthy little guys. When they get sick, it is not for very long.We do keep a clean enviroment. They (usually) wash their hands on a regular basis. If they are excessively dirt covered I'll wipe them down with a cloth and warm water.  I do not whip out the sanitizer before they eat anything. Not even when we are out and at the park. I also let my children play in those indoor play centers, yup with out sanitizer, with out the bubble, and without being sick for the next two weeks. You know what they haven't died, and if they find something really gross and yucky ( which they never have, knock on wood) they know not to touch stuff. 
Go ahead get dirty let your kids play. Dirt and germs are okay they really are. Did you grow up in a bubble, or did you eat bugs and drink water from the hose?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Mommy Confession ~~~~~~ Vacuuming

I don't vacuum nearly regularly enough. I do usually once a week or so but it gets pretty grim. I have this pretty and expensive vacuum. So I really have no excuse other than I don't want to haul it out and deal with everything that goes on with it.

It seems whenever I vacuumed the dog think the powerhose is some evil monster who is out the get the family. She tries to bite the powerhead, she does that with the lawn mower too! It is likely a loud noise thing. One of the kids usually wants to help, which would be fine if that didn't make all of them want to. I know, let them help. I do but three little boys trying to vacuum, usually ends up in something getting vacuumed up. I do clean the floor first but Lil Squish transports things everywhere. Laundry with him awake is a whole new ball game. Eventually the floors get cleaned, usually when hubby is home and can distract the monkeys.
So that's my mommy confession. I do not vacuum and cleans the floors as often as I should.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Humiliation in Schools? Is it okay?

Simple answer according to me NO. A big giant resounding NO! Recently i read this story on Yahoo,
Grade 3 student receives ‘catastrophe award’ for most homework excuses. I was honestly appalled by it, I couldn't believe that this was given out to a child. In this day and age where we are recognizing bullying and trying to put a stop to it, why is it okay for a teacher to do this to a child. I would love to think that maybe this was an isolated event, but no, a simple Google search will bring up thousands of results. Now I didn't go through every single one of them, I don't have that kind of time. Also my blood pressure I don't think would take the strain, and my blood pressure is usually just fine.
Now I really have thoughts on shame parenting. It doesn't work for us, it doesn't fly with me. Though I have tried it, in moments of desperation. I really don't see how shaming someone into doing something is going to be beneficial in the long run. Sure they may do it but it will not be with a willing heart, and likely with resentment.
I feel that as a society we really need to have a better understanding of supporting our children. Shaming them and embarrassing them is not a method to raise good functional members of society. It will just perpetuate society. Now I know there are many folks who think differently and that is your choice. Heck life would be pretty boring if we all agreed on everything.
What I do think more people should agree on it that when you are in a place of authority, you should uphold some sort of  appropriate behavior. Had it been a student that did this to another student it would not have been acceptable. Though for some reason when an adult does it. it should be seen as funny and acceptable. This is an awful double standard. We treat children as if they are greatly less than adults. You should remember they are the ones who are eventually going to be deciding which nursing home you go into.  Give them some respect and love and you will get it in return, eventually. Be the example for the next generation. If you don't like what you are seeing change it.
If we learn to treat others with love and respect life will work out. Working together like pieces of a puzzle. When forced they may go where you want them to go but it may not be where they belong.
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