Friday, June 8, 2012

You may have YOUNG children if.......

I don't know where the original came from but I have seen it circle around Facebook a few times

I put a question out to my mommy friends and this is a mixture of what came back. I had a good laugh putting this together I hope you do too!

- You house looks like has been robbed. It hasn't at least you don't think so
- You know more about the newest toy then the newest restruant
- You have more toys than money in your purse
- The song stuck in your head was written by Raffi or the wiggles and is sung by a puppet
- Last time anyone wore the burgundy lace thong, it was by the two year old as a mask
- You know all the words to your child's favorite book by memory
- Your idea of me time is a trip to the dentist
- You mentally pencil-in time to poop, hopefully solo
- You can't remember the last time you peed alone
- Someone is usually watching you shower, and it's not completely creepy
- The batteries come out of "mommy's toys" to go into the TV remote, instead of the other way around
- You've walked out of the house with your shirt on inside out, and backwards
- You have left the house with puke or snot  on your shirt. You didn't change because it would just happen       again
- The plastic Monistat insert tubs are in the toy box and not the Monistat box
- Half your tampon box is missing, it's also in the toy box ?!?!?! o_O
- At least one kid has worn a panty liner as a sticker
- You reach for your tampon box and it has bite marks. ( vicious little monsters )

I know that are with kids and feminine hygiene products they seem to be fascinated by them.  Any ways back to what we are talking about.

- You have taken the diaper bag to work instead of your work bag
- You get an awesome no-kid idea and it leaves your head almost instantly. Your thoughts are more consumed with the next kid friendly activity.
- You would do just about anything for a warm meal that hasn't been reheated
- Every shirt you own has a stain
- Bad weather days make you want to cry
- You go for a "date" to the Home Show because it's something you can easily leave is the kids need you
- The vacation route is based on where the parks are.
- You need multiple kitchen utensils to keep kids busy while you are cooking
- You would like a new couch but wont buy one, because they will just destroy that one too! Waiting  few years
- You can only take extra kids in the van because car seats occupy the extra seats
- You don't wear your good makeup because it is locked up, literally in the safe.
- The baby pooped sparkles and you don't know how the baby got sparkles
- Some days your face hurts from laughing at the antic of your kids

If you have more please share them. I love my kids, the make me laugh on regular days. They get into everything and leave a wake of disaster in their path. It is awesome and I wouldn't change it for anything.


  1. Thanks for the great laugh! I needed that after a 2 hour photo shoot with a grumpy toddler!

  2. Absolutely True. I just laughed my head off. That made my day.

  3. I think the only time I bother closing the bathroom door is when we have company. My kids are always following me.

  4. OMG those are so funny and true! It doesn't help either when I hear daddy say let's go find mommy! Seriously, 5 minutes, can't I just have 5 minutes!!!!! LOL!

    stopping by from vB MRM

  5. LOL! This just made my day. So true!

  6. That's hilarious! Thank you so much, I needed that laugh! =)

  7. LOL

    I walked into the play room once and my daughter was using pads as sleeping bags for her Barbies!!!

    Now following from vB =)

  8. Is it bad that I can relate to soooooooooooo many of these???? The house being ransacked, the clothes on backward or with spots on it! Oh well. I love being a mom so it's worth it :)