What's Shakin'?

So you may be wondering what this blog is really all about. What is it's purpose in the great world of blogs? Simple I want to shake things up a bit. I want you to maybe look at something a little differently and maybe open people up to new avenues. This world I so full of the status quo. Every one is always in competition with one another. The mommy wars are awful. Now I do have a stance on many different things on what I believe to be best for my family, you may have different feeling. You know what though, It's okay. I don't hate you and damn you for your choices. I hope you don't either.
In this world we need to go back to the village mentality of helping other to achieve a common goal. As a society I think our common goal should be to raise the next generation to be a more loving and understanding generation. Where we do't hate other due to their choices. Where Christian folk actually live what they say they do. Where people accept others and help their fellow man, instead of kick him to the curb.
My main focus on this blog will be Parenting, Fitness, and Nutrition. Now these are three very broad areas where my passions lay. I hope you come with an open mind and open heart. Please enjoy your stay.

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