Monday, June 11, 2012

Mommy Confession ~~~~~~ Organization

I would love to be more organized. I would love to say I am an organized person. That would be lying though. I wish my book shelves and house looked more like this. So picturesque, so organized and it looks so nice. I love looking at magazines and seeing these systems but the reality is not as pretty 

photo credit

My "organizational system" looks more like this

and this

I do know where things are most of the time so there must be some organization to it it just is not know to anyone else other than me. This is clearly not nearly as neat and organized as I would like it to be. I wont even show you the boys bookshelf for fear of any actually organized people may have a heart failure and die on me. I do NOT want to be responsible for that! My goal for the year is to have some organization. That may honestly involve a lot of getting rid of stuff first. We aren't TV worthy hoarders but we still have a lot of STUFF!


  1. Not bad - you are almost there! The only problem I see is the wires... You are almost there - maybe purge some of those videos ;)

  2. I would love to be more organized as well. I agree w/Leigh the wires need to be hidden.

  3. I have found the key to "magazine like" organization is getting rid of a ton of stuff and living more minimally. I have been working on my house too and just purging everything I don't use a lot because I realized that I really don't need all those books I never read (instead give them to the library and check them out when I want to read them). I just hold on to the few I actually read every year or have a real sentimental reason to keep. Same with my kitchen, I only keep one or two of everything where as before I had 10 or more wooden spoons. lol. that's my tip but believe me, I won't even show you my toddler's's a serious mess. take care!

  4. Oh, I love those organized, beautiful bookshelves with all of the art pieces incorporated. I agree with have to edit down. Great post!