Thursday, December 13, 2012

Is ViSalus a scam?

Believe me I have heard it time and time again. You know what, it could be depending on what you consider a scam to be.

Now ViSalus offers a very lucrative compensation plan. If you do the work needed you can make money, some real money. Money, vacations, BMW's are all the fancy things that go with this company. It does come with work and effort. Depending on your personality you could do very well or not.  They have a system in place for you to follow. It is a really simple system, I find though it takes time I don't have being a mom of three. I don't really have down time fro my kids, it is hard to make phone calls with kids yelling in the background. There are amazing bonuses but you have to hit certain goals every months. You need a team that works hard and goes for it, day in, day out. You need to be adding people to your teams monthly. It can be done but once again it means work. This is a job, a job that you are completely accountable for your success with. Except maybe your upline, no one is going to be bugging you to work to get your pay cheque. This can be a good thing for some not so good for others. Depends are you a motivated person? Is this work going to mean the difference between food on your table or not? Motivation is going to be what drives your business, is your why big enough? Is it going to continue to be big enough for sustainability?

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  1. Whether or not there is indeed a Visalus scam is something most people that are interested in the company’s business opportunity are not sure about. The only way you can be sure about this is by taking a close look at the company’s profile, leadership, products and the opportunity itself. That is what this Visalus scam is all about.