Monday, May 28, 2012

Mommy Confession Monday~~~ what is it and why?

Okay I'm going to aim to start this little series on Mondays that is Mommy Confession time. There are so Many blogs out there that seem to show one side of motherhood. Either good or bad. I'm aiming for this one to have a bit of everything so you get a well rounded view of my mommy life. I'm in no way a perfect any sort of mom and I kinda pride myself on that. I like the aspects of many different parenting styles but not able to commit to all aspects of one style. I take what works and go with it.  I love natural living but I'm way to lazy to make everything from scratch. I love to pretend I'm going to make all these wonderful crafts I see but I just don't have the time, money or motivation. I would love to say I'm a gentle parent and I never raise my voice or give my children consequences. I would love to say that I am so in tune with my children that they have no need to tantrum, scream or yell because their needs are all met. But that would be lying.
So this is pretty much going to be my weekly confession as to where my technicolored dream world falls short of reality.

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