Thursday, May 24, 2012

My personal Vi FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions that I get. Now theses are my questions and my answers if you need more information I urge you to look on the ViSalus pages or contact me and I can point you in the direction of the info you need.

What is it?
It's a 90 day challenge. A health challenge, to better the lives we are living.

What are you doing?
I am taking the vi shake twice a day as a meal replacement for breakfast and lunch. I also eat snack and have a healthy well portioned dinner. I also am  beginning to run and exercise more, as part of making a lifestyle change to be healthy.

Is all you drink is shakes all day? 
Heavens no I like my food. I just use my shakes as a two meal a day supplement. I have snacks ( healthy and unhealthy) and a properly portioned dinner. If I'm hungry I drink water first ( thirst is often mistaken for hunger) and then have a snack.

What can I eat? Do I just have to eat vegetables?
Generally I suggest eating food, non edibles really don't hold that much nutrition. Eat smart, really this is about life style and using your brain when you are eating. Now i'm not saying completely abstain form your favorites. You can indulge in the odd treat. Yes if you really want that cheeseburger have it, but not everyday. or make your own at home with real meat and lots of veggies on it. and maybe skip the fries this time or make some home baked fries. There is always options, to make something healthier. Fat is not your enemy it can be your friend if you eat right. Also no you don't have to do one of those diet where you eat just green things or just raw. Eat smart balance your meals and eat real whole foods it will help you along with you goals. If you need some suggestions, ViSalus has a one week meal plan to give you an idea, right here.

Are you going to have shakes forever?
For the rest of my life I can't say, but as long as I keep enjoying them and they keep working for me why not. It is the convince factor that really works for me. I may not use them forever but who knows. Heck if you look at some movie in the future we all have drinks from a cup so why not something I enjoy. Not this is not saying that you have to have them forever. Whatever works for you is going to work for you. Take 90day and commit and then see where you go from there.

Can pregnant and nursing women do this?
Short answer yes. Long answer feel free to check out my previous blog post Pregnancy and Breastfeeding with ViSalus. Though with anything I am not a doctor and if you are special circumstances or have any concerns I urge you to consult with your caregiver. Please be informed and take information with you to ask specific questions.

What about kids?
Well my kids love them. I will give the shakes to my children and they have not had any issues in fact days when they have their morning shake are better, but good full nutrition will do that. Now before the flame comes I feed my kids nutritious stuff for breakfast but most days all they want is cereal so that is what they have. Then they will have something else for a mid morning snack. My point is my kids like them and I feel safe giving them to my children.

Now if you have more questions that this didn't cover please comment with a question or send me an e-mail. I will be happy to help you search out your answers. I just want to help people reach the OPTIMAL YOU

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