Monday, May 14, 2012

Mommy Life with Shakes

Okay so here is my theory, every mom should be on the 90 day challenge. Do you want to know why I think this? Let's face it we are busy. Most of us are on the go all the time doing something, cleaning something or prepping to be doing or cleaning something. Mom life is not just sitting on the couch eating bon bons and watching soap operas. And if you are even more reason for you to join me, that is just not healthy, but that aside. Let's talk mom life or at least my mom life, I like to think it is pretty normal on at least the big picture.

Before  the 90 Day Challenge

I would get up late again, usually hubby has gotten up with the kids and gotten them started on getting ready but he has to get to work. The baby is whining again because he wants to nurse so i pull him into bed, fall asleep again.Wake up again and look at the time. Ahhhhhh Crap now we are really late. Jump out of bed, and go find something to wear. Rush into the kitchen  and open the fridge. "what are they going to eat for lunch/ constant ongoing snack today?" Rush rush rush. Chop chop chop. Throw food into the lunch bag. " SHOES!!!!!" Look at the cupboard. Think that I should eat something, figure I don't have time. Everything takes time and I really don't like quick breakfast foods. Run out the door with three kids in tow to whatever thing we have going on. (field trips, classes, whatever) Lunch time rolls around and I'm hungry but so are the kids. Usually I let them eat first because I never know what they are going to eat. It depends on the day, some days they eat a bunch some day they barely eat. Though most of the time they eat most of everything, at least Bobo does. He is a big snacker and is always hungry. We will finish whatever it is that we are doing and head home for me to make dinner. Now I'm in the kitchen and I haven't eaten really anything today. Same thing happens I start eating because I'm hungry. My sugars are low and I want sweets, I should have protein but chocolate chips look so yummy. I cave, I suck and I know it. We eat dinner, I eat too much. I feel crappy and fat, now I'm sad. What do I do when I'm sad, eat more chocolate. See this cycle happening here, yea not healthy or good. I would snack on unhealthy things at night and it just would spiral downward.

After the 90 Day Challenge

Still pretty much the same thing It didn't make me more organized, sorry. But now while I'm chopping and stuffing my blender is blending. Voila Breakfast that I can drink between rushing kids into shoes. And my shaker cup, my new best buddy, is MY lunch and I just throw what I want into it and stick it in the lunch bag. I will tell you what though I still snack, I still love my snacks and chocolate. Though I have less of the sugary stuff because I'm not craving it like a crazy person. Yes I was a crazy craver, like wild eyed crazy person.

Funny thing about this is I am actaully eating more and getting more nutrition. That I believe is why my cravings are much lower and much more manageable. My body is being fed. Now My energy is another thing why I'm telling you mom's out there to join me. My kids are not wearing me out. My kids aren't driving me insane. Why? Because I have the energy to deal with them and do stuff with them. I am a better mom, honestly. Now this is not super mom juice, this is just nutrition, and it is amazing what nutrition can do for your body. So take it from me this works, this has given my children their mom back. This has given me, me back. Life is great life is fun and heck why not make some money too! Join as a promoter and you can have all these benefits of life and maybe even cruise around in your free BMW!!!!


  1. Wonderful that the 90 day challenge has worked for you, thanks for sharing.

  2. Proper nutrition is so important for everything! I'm glad you're feeling better. Eating right and getting the proper nutrients really does help!

  3. eating more---but its the right stuff!! Way to GO!!!!

  4. It really has I was a major skeptic for a long time but then I took the plunge