Monday, May 21, 2012

Look how much you can save on what you don't need!

Consumerism drives me bonkers. Now I know we are a society which generally speaking requires "stuff". Lots of "stuff". Though really how much "stuff" do you need? Well that depends on who you ask, some people really don't need a lot and others think they need everything. Now when it comes to stuff everyone wants to get the best deal. We are in an economic down turn money is tight, we need a deal. Plus we know that all of our money is going into someone else pocket that probably has too much money anyways.
 For the last few years people talk about how much money they saved on something. Where has the best deal? Who has the best price? Though my question is a very simple one. Do I need it? This is usually my first questions to myself when I see something. Now yes I falter and make impulsive silly little decisions, I used to be pretty bad. I would buy stuff because it is snazzy and I want it.Then I would wonder why i didn't have money when I actually needed something. Yes sometimes it is nice to have snazzy stuff, but I don't need it all. I really do not need the biggest fanciest newest toy on the market. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that, especially when we are talking to sales people.

Now sales people are trained to sell it is their job. Very often commissioned sales personal are seen as seedy deceptive people who are just trying to make a buck. Some are and some aren't, but it is defiantly a stereotype.     Most times you need to read between the words that they are saying. Most times you need to just get what you needed and get out. Though the reality a lot of us get suckered in to the "deal" where if you get this instead you get this for free, or even better if you get this upgrade it cost more but it is better so this is what you really want.
We recently went to a presentation for a certain member buying club. It sounded great getting things at cost and we have a few bigger purchases coming up so it made sense. They offered us the buying power we thought we needed to make some upcoming purchases. It all sounded great until they told us that they didn't have what we were looking for, that what we wanted was to specialty?!?!? Toddler sized beds are rare??? I was rather ticked that we had been promised they carried something and that I would be able to save gads of money on it. Now they have taken some step to try and rectify the issue which included gift cards to purchase stuff in their store but would not let me out of the contract. They took advantage of us and I hope we will be able to use this to our advantage. Though right now I'm angered by sleek sales men who tell you whatever you want in order to get the sale. Doing your job is one thing but lying outright is another.


  1. You know I have to admit that the older I get, the more I become a minimalist. I get rid of anything I haven't used in two years and go through everything I have regularly. If it's not necessary; I don't keep it!

  2. I agree with Shannon, I become more minimalist with age as well and I used to be such a consumer. The more eco-friendly and whole foods I get the more I realize, if it comes with too big of a package, I don't buy it.... Less is more. I think I would take issue with that buying club, especially if you bought into it.... Sounds like bait and switch to me.

  3. I am not a buyer so much, but hubby is and my house is so cluttered with junk. I am trying so hard to get rid of stuff. I love this article.

  4. I hate it when people lie!
    And grabbing bargains is not necessarily frugal living. I feel frugal living is buying less, not cheap.


  5. It's not right for others to lie to try to make a buck, even though people do it every day. I don't need a lot of stuff. I just like to have my candles, my ICEE & my books, and I'm content.

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