Monday, November 5, 2012

Keep it local

I love to do my grocery shopping at small local places. I like to look for things that are grown locally and are from our environment  Now yes I am aware bananas are not from around here but my kids love them and we will buy them but we still buy from the small farmer shop for our veggies.

Why do I buy local?

  •  Well I know it is fresh and not something that has been sitting in a cold fridge for who knows how long.
  •  It helps sustain our local farmers. If we don't help the little guy, the man will crush him. If we want our food healthy and local we need to support local
  • It's good for the children to know where their food actually come from. Yes we can  talk and talk about farmers and such but seeing them and meeting them is much more important. Helps foster the younger generations knowledge in how food is supposed to be made
  • In many cases I find it cheaper, when I go directly to the farm.
  • Tastes better. Honestly carrots for one taste so much different in the big stores then they do from the farm. Try it you may just be surprised

You can keep it local with so many more things then food. Support mom's in business. Even if it is just that party company that every body is doing. She is trying to make a living, put her kids in sports, or even put food on their table.

Support small businesses, support home based businesses, Keep your dollars where you are, keep it local!


  1. I have a few farmer friends --Nothing beats home grown veggies, and I love fresh eggs!!!

  2. We are such big fans of supporting local, family-owned businesses and this is a great way to do so!

  3. I am totally into local in season produce. I have to admit I was a little disappointed today at the produce market because it is all in season and I was really wanting Oranges. Oh well a couplw more weeks and I will be up to my ears in oranges. Yeah Southern California.

  4. I love to shop local too. It's also a great way to introduce gardening to your kids, and get them interested. I would love fresh eggs too from my own chickens, but the coyotes just wouldn't have it;)

  5. I love doing this too - one of my favourite places to go are the Farmer's Markets - nothing beats fresh from the farm produce!

  6. I agree. But, it's hard to find local stuff around here a lot of times because our winter is sooooooo long! Love the summertime, though. :)