Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday~~~~ Canada Rocks

Okay this week I am thankful for my country, Canada.

I'm sick and we have a health care system that yes I pay for monthly but it is not some ridiculous amount. ( but those who make less money don't have to pay as much or pay nothing at all) I can go to any Doctor I wish and get treated. I love not having to stress over whether or not I can afford to take myself or any member of my family to see a physician. I also have the choice to take their advice or leave it. While not every Doctor agrees with how I choose to keep our family healthy there isn't anything really that they can do about it.

Oh and I also love how amazingly beautiful it is up here. The seasons the mountains, the valley's,  the prairies  the lakes. I love fall and I love the beauty of it all. How lucky am I?

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