Saturday, November 24, 2012

Justin Bieber- Complete Lack of Class

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Most of the developed world knows about Justin Bieber. His fans are crazy for him and would do just about anything to get the 18 year pop star to acknowledge them. I have never been into the crazy fan like behaviour. I just don't feel idolizing people to the point where you freak out if you see them really benefits anyone.

That aside I have heard a few of his songs, nothing all that bad. I commend the kids on his rise to success. He put himself out there and he actually has talent. I never really had an issue with him, the point was mute. Unitl today.

Now he bugs me. Now he is a little twit that lacks class. Just yesterday he had the privileged to meet with our Prime Minister Stephen Harper and receive the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. Apparently he is one of 60,000 youth who receive this medal this year, for: "significant contributions and achievements by Canadians". I know some people even scoff at the medal but hey he's a pop star we do all sorts of things for popstars. Also I think he has definitely had a major achievement, considering he was singing on YouTube just a few short years ago.  What I do have an issue with is how he showed up to the meeting.

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This is just disgraceful. I don't care who you are, this is a complete lack of class and disrespectful. I am sad that this is how a youth, who has major influence over the youth of our country, would show up to meet the leader of their country. Now I'm sure he isn't stupid and knows that this was in bad taste, actually I'm pretty sure he knew it was considering a tweet he posted.( I don't follow him, I just read the news) You can read all about the twitter stuff here

Now why am I all up in arms about this, it's just some clothes and he is just meeting some guy to get a pretty shinny medal, right? No this is about Respect. No matter how much one ( ahem, me) may feel about politics, ( particularly a certain Prime Minister ) there is still this little thing called respect. This medal was to celebrate the Queen and comes from the Governor General.  This was a ceremony held by one of the highest held positions in our country. Respect is owed, this choice of outfit show no respect, no class and no dignity. This is bad taste plain and simple.

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