Thursday, September 27, 2012

steak for babies?!?!

Just this week Health Canada released a new guideline for feeding babies. You can read the CBC report on it here. So now Health Canada is saying that babies can be served meat as a first food, as opposed to the iron fortified infant cereal. I really laughed when I saw this post. There were so many sides on this, everything from horror to people saying " wow Health Canada finally got on board with the rest of the world".

 No purees or mashed up stuff for this guy
This is not something new or amazing. Babies all around the world tend to be feed food, real food, as first foods. This is commonly referred to as Baby Led weaning.Where your child has no solid food till they are ready to eat real food, no purees no blending just real food from the plate just like what you and I eat.  Now for those first few months you are to be exclusivity breastfeeding your child with no need for other food. This is a very different concept to what has been suggested by health professional for many years. I even remember when Bug was little I was told that I could start him on rice cereal at 3 months. I trusted my elders and did it. He survived but I have no idea what damage was done to his intestinal track at that age. I find it amazing the things were are learning, about how our bodies work and process. The thing I find the funniest is most traditional cultures have used this method for hundreds of thousands of years. This is not a new concept!
I am very glad that Health Canada is getting on board, with what the body needs. Iron rich, real foods are so much better than anything that is fortified. Your body will better absorb it and use the nutrients for proper body functions.

So let them have steak! Or chicken, avocado, even liver, it's good for your baby. Do supervise you baby while they are eating and make sure that the meat is tender and cut up into appropriate sized pieces in order for  baby to chew. Teeth are not necessary to chew, just so you know. I personally wouldn't suggest begining solids till your baby is ready. they may be at 6 months it may take a few months more. follow your child they are really intelligent beings.

Some readiness signs are

  • able to sit unassisted
  • reaching for food
  • no tongue thrust
  • beginning chewing movements
All of this and more can be found in the Baby Led Weaning book

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  1. An elder in our family INSISTED on feeding my oldest when he was a wee thing. Drove me CRAZY and I'd have to explain to her that his body wasn't ready yet. Her reply... "I've had 9 kids, don't you think I know what I'm doing." -____-

    Luckily, I love her so, so we got that worked out. ;)

    Glad you posted the signs about being ready, I think the kiddos do have a general feel for when it's time.