Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Birthday Party Time

EcoBooty is having a birthday party. They are going to have an amazing Facebook party this Friday. Why is this amazing, because if you haven't been to a Facebook party you have been missing the fun. Instead of you giving gifts they give them away to amazing fans. This is pretty awesome, who doesn't like presents??? Seriously though I though this was amazing when I heard about it, so I headed on over to their webpage  and looked at all the wonderful things they offer. Then I looked at their tabs and I was awestruck, they offer a diaper rewards program!!!!!! This is the most amazing thing ever. i get rewards for spending money and get diapers for free?? How can this get more awesome! Right BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!!!!

So GO NOW check out their website get excited and the head to their Facebook page remember to register for the party and there you go. Hope in on the fun it will be amazing!

Psst  There are diapers there that Mama hasn't even tried yet. Hope to get some new diapers...
What would you like to win? Leave a comment below

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