Friday, September 21, 2012

What's in Mama's Stash?

I love my fluffy stash. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, Cloth diapers. I love cloth diapers. I said when I started that I would not be one of those cloth diapering moms who has a billion diapers just because she can. Well it happened, I have so many diapers in so many different styles.  I don't really double up on colours from the same brand of diaper and I have about 30 pocket diaper. So that gives you an idea of the rage of diapers I have. That is only the tip of what is in Mama's stash. But it is by far the most fun part.

What do I love right now?

I am loving one sized pockets. They are customizeable to what we are needing, the clean up in the laundry super fast. When drying them on the line it takes no time at all. These are really my go to diaper right now. They are also great for travelling we took the on our Epic Extravaganza. The clean and dry really easy and really quickly.
 Right now I love the Alva diapers. They sell under a bunch of different names, but I usually get my diapers from TenderTushies Diapers. They have a few prints I have my eyes on right now. ;) Like this one, or this one and this one. Wonderful people to do business great prices and awesome service.

What about newborns?

My newborn go to is prefolds from Bummis. I love these and I use either a variety of covers or wool covers. I love how they have such a good fit for the individual baby. Both Bobo and Lil Squsih have been in Cloth since the day they were born. Now for covers I have tried a bunch and they all have their ups and downs. I'm looking for new options. I like ones that have a good fit and keep poop in. I don't yet have a LOVE cover. still on the hunt.

Would you like to see what I have? Watch the video.

Please don't judge me to harshly on my videoing skill I'm not a very good Vlogger and I don't know how to edit. 

What is in your Cloth Diaper stash?


  1. I don't use cloth diapers for my kids so can't really comment on it. There is not many choices also in my region.

  2. When my daughter was a baby, I used cloth diapers only briefly. They used to be just the plain, white cloth ones. Today, moms are presented with more options.

  3. I was not around any cloth diapering moms when I had my kids, so I just did sposies. Now that I am a lot "greener", I would definitely cloth diaper, but my baby days are over.

  4. I am done with cloth diapers now my baby is 2 and we are done having babies! So no more cloth diapers here :-)

  5. Do you have a picture or link for the one size pockets? How do they work? Sounds like they might be a great product to recommend on Family Travels on a Budget.

  6. My little dude is too big for diapers now, but the pocket diapers that dry and clean fast sound interesting.

  7. I love my cloth diaper stash. I had two in diapers for about a year and we saved soooo much money, even when you consider the start-up cost for cloth. My 2.5 year old is still in cloth most of the time, but he is very prone to yeasty diaper rashes, which he seems to get more easily in cloth. I'm trying to find a way to avoid that, other than changing him every 30 minutes. Yay cloth diapers!

  8. I must try cloth if/when we have baby #2!

  9. We've used cloth with baby E, who turned 2 this week, since he came home from the hospital. We've primarily used prefolds and covers (I think my favs are Bummis and Thirsties) though have several pockets we use mostly at night. We also have inherited a couple of wool covers we use most nights and love. Yay cloth :)