Friday, August 3, 2012

The Challenge and YOU

Have you ever wanted to do something, to change your situation? Not know how to start or where to go?  Are you needing a direction to go?

First figure out what you really want and break it down. What is it that you really want? Be specific! Vague goals are hard to meet.
I want to lose weight! Great how much, what are the inches you would like to lose? What do you look like at the end of you goal? Are you willing to work for your goal?
I want to be debt free! Great how much money do you need to do that? Can you possibly do that in your current J.O.B?  What are you willing to do to reach that goal?
I want to ......? Wonderful what needs to change to get there? Money, health, or is it time?

There is always something that needs to be changed. Change is good, change brings opportunity to look at life in a new light.

Now lets break it down. Why can't you change you situation? What is it that is holding you back? Really most things can change. Do you not have any time to do anything because you need money, so you are working all the time. This sounds like a declining cycle. Are you unhealthy and have low energy but you want to do something but you feel too crappy about yourself, so you sit there eating comfort junk just getting in worse shape?

Yes it is hard to change and it takes time to commit to that change. It sucks I know. Though if you truly need to change take control. Stop letting others decide your future. Take on the Challenge. You can do it! You can succeed. It starts with taking that step and believing in yourself.

Now some people don't want to make the change. That is their choice, but YOU CAN! You don't need their permission to live a better happier more financially free life.

Get Happy Get Healthy Get Freedom

Get started NOW

Oh and on a side note. It has been said that this may cause babies, no gaurentees. You know what the leading cause of babies is? SEX, yup, healthy happier people might just have more sex. So if you are looking for a little more lovin' the challenge could be for you ;)

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