Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The BREAST of New York

Wow it seems like I keep coming across boobs in New York today. You know what I fully support it too!

Have you heard of Moira Johnston? She is a topless dancer in New York who bares her breasts during the day for activism. You can read the official story here on the Huffington Post. To sum it up, she wants women to know that they don't have to hide their breasts. It is legal in quite a few places actually for women to bare their breasts. I know where we live there is quite a controversy about it. There is a topless lady in our town, but she is not nearly perceived as well as Moira, might have to do that she is significantly older than New York's top less wonder.
Now some people really have an issue with topless women. I really don't understand the issue that so many have. They just simply are breasts, women just happen to have larger mammory glands therefor generally larger breast then men.  Most of the reason is the high sexualization on breasts. Women, especially their breast, are seen as sexual objects for a mans pleasure. Not really cool with that line of thinking. So many womens get all up in arms about " My Body My Choice" but still keep stigma going. Seriously people they are just boobs. They are used to feed and nourish our young, that really is their primary function. The fun is secondary. Which nicely leads into the next story I keep seeing.

Have you heard about the new breastfeeding stir in New York Hospitals? Mayor Bloomberg has gone breastfeeding friendly, but it is with opposition. You can read the actual press release here. I really applaud Mayor Bloomberg for his actions. I do believe that the formula advertising should be taken out of the hospitals. I don't believe in goodie bags of formula given to breastfeeding moms. It sets them up for failure. How do I think it sets them up for failure? When you have something else that you can feed your baby when you are exhausted and little support most will turn to the formula. Or just you need a few minutes so Daddy can feed the baby. Now there are so many things that other people can do for you and to help you with breastfeeding but giving you formula is not helping. It is not helping a mom when she says she is having troubles to just hand her a bottle of formula.
The formula companies are ruthless with their advertising, and I don't agree with it. I fully support Mayor Bloomberg's stance on we need to focus on breastfeeding it is what is designed for babies. Breast is what is best for them, breast is normal.

So there you have it New York and their concerns about breast, bare them and share them!

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