Saturday, July 21, 2012

Too Many Toys

 I find it amazing how toys grow. I am pretty sure they toys are relations in the playroom Every.Single.Night. Seriously the kids have toys that I have never seen. I don't know where they came from or when they showed up. Before you start thinking that my kids are taking toys, they aren't people just give them stuff all the time. Their babysitter always has something for them whenever she comes over.

So last night I went through the toys there were just getting to be too much. We don't really do big toys, but it is the little ones that grow.  I couldn't believe it when I dumped everything out at the mound of stuff there was.

So what did I do, I purged. I do it about once a year and cut things down. I always ask the boys first before I do it. I let them know that it is time to give some of our toys to other children who need toys. They have been good so far and I always keep the stuff for a bit of let them see the purge bin. It's also not just their stuff going I give our stuff away to and they know about donating to those in need. They also know Mom is more willing for stuff to come in when lots goes out!

I have this pretty fantasy in my head where they are few toys and my children play with wooden toys and silk scarves, very Waldorfy. Unfortunately it just isn't a reality, my kids like plastic. sure they like the wooden toys and silk scarves but they like the branding too!. I can't win them all so I just keep it limited.

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