Monday, July 30, 2012

ABC's of me

Saw this cute little idea on this wonderful site VoiceBoks. They are a wonderful community of bloggers, that I have been a member of for a few months. I thought it would be a fun way to tell you all a bit more about me.

A- Aliy or Alicia ( which is my name )
B- Boys, I have three of them
C- Cloth Diaper Addict- I will have to get around to posting picture of my stash
D- Dodge. I love my new Dodge Caravan. I liked my old one but I LOVE my new one
E- Excitement- I try to find something to keep life exciting each week
F- Friendly- I am usually a rather friendly person
G- Garden- I am working on growing a proper garden this year
H- Husband- I love David and we are married for eternity
I- Interest- I love to write I always have. I just had little motivation
J- Jumpy- When I get really happy I jump a lot. Kinda might be considered a bit hyper
K- Kids- I want to have 4 kids, so that means one more for us.
L-Laughter - when ever I am feeling down I do something to get my boys laughing. I lights up my day and helps the sad go away
M- Music - I use music to filter my moods. If I can't I tend to go south emotionally
N- Nursing - I have now had some one attached to my breast for sustinance for 60 months now and nearly 17 months has been tandem.
O- Open Minded - I am open to listening to others opinions on things and I love hearing others vaild points of view
P- Patience - I have a fair amounts some days other days we seriously lack on it. I know it really depends on my nutritional intake and my sleep.
Q- Quandary - I love this word. I use it a lot
R- Running - I love going out to run I just don't do it enough
S- Simple Living - I wish to live much more simply. I want to get a farm where we just can be independent and happy. I want to cleanse our lives of all the excess junk
T- Turquoise - I love turquoise waters. Just looking at them gives me a sense of peace
U- Unique - I like unique things. Not weird just things that are not status quo mainstream things.
V- Vows - We wrote our own vows and share them with each other and our friends and family nearly 7 years ago.
W- Writing - I have always loved to write but I finally got the drive together to actually keep up with a blog
X- Xerox - We joke often that our kids were just put through the Xerox machine because they look so much alike
Y- Yoga Pant - I love them for lounging around the house in. Yes I do out out in them I like comfort
Z- Zurberts - Lil Squish love giving them to me. He is so funny and the lil mischievous face make me laugh every time he does it


  1. You aren't the only one to go out in yoga pants. My husband and I have this long standing argument (he thinks I should be dressed up every single day and I think he should go take a flying leap)about how they are not suitable for being seen. We are a lot alike, you and I, I learned.

  2. You are right on the money about the music! It helps me alot!

    Nice to learn more about you.