Monday, July 16, 2012

Mommy Confession ~~~~~ Sunscreen

For the last two summers I haven't been using it, that much. When I know they will be in large bodies of water or outside in extreme heat all day, we forgo cancer in a bottle. I love the spray on stuff for the ease of use, but the chemicals. Yuck! I  know there are lots of others out there but they all involve rubbing stuff in a wiggly kid. No thank you! They start building their base tans once it is warm around here. We spend a fair amount of time outside when the sunshines. Heck I'm tanning right now while writing this on my phone. Love the Blogger app for that.

So yea my boys are tanned. We eat antioxidant fruits that hell with skin regeneration and boost skin tolerance to sun. The boys wear hats and rash gaurds at times. They rarely have ever burnt. Live is good get outside and live life.

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