Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fluffy love

Okay so it's not so uncommon now but 5 years ago when I started cloth diapering it wasn't nearly as trendy. I started with cloth when Bug was 10 months old, I had some friends who used cloth on their babies and it seemed possible and I was so tired of tossing money away. I had a friend who made diapers so she made me my first stash. They were All-in-ones and very cute. I used them for Bug and a bit for Bobo. But I soon found the fluffy love. I was addicted to diapers. Seriously there should be a Cloth Diapers Anonymous group for moms. I know some people who have the fluff love REALLY bad. I have tried most types of  diapers, though I still have yet to brave flats. Honestly I just have no real desire to try them, they seem like too much work.

Now I have a serious problem when it comes to diapers. So many are just so cute and I think they would be even cuter on my baby's bum. I have a vast collections of diapers far more then will actually go one the little butt. I find different diapers are good for different things.
I love All in Ones or Pockets for the simplicity of use. I call these my babysitter diapers.  The ones that pretty much anyone can use and involves not much extra thinking. Pockets I have already stuffed so there is no thought process for others. I like certain inserts to go into certain diapers and it drive Darling Hubby nuts that I always do the diaper stuffing.

BabyKicks Diaper On Lil Squish
When my babies are brand new I love prefolds. You can just get that perfect fir that you can't always get with sized diapers. I use prefolds for quite awhile as my boys all seem to be pretty small in the bottom.

I have tried many different styles of diapers and there are so many more to try. I would love to sample more diapers and find what works as they change and grow. Yup I have a problem !!!

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