Monday, January 28, 2013

Mamavation Monday ~~~~ Healthy Snacking

That mid day or mid night itch to eat, what do you do about it?

Do you suppress the urge? Do you reach for the closest quick snack? What can you do?

First I really try to grab a drink of water. Did you know that thirst can be confused by the body as hunger? It's true! So grab a glass of water and then wait a bit and see if you are still hungry.You can avoid this confusion by staying hydrated but so many people don't.

Now after that try something healthy to eat. I prefer to grab one of my protien nibblies. That way I know there are lots of good things, and they are yummy and healthy too! Next I would reach for a nice snack. Fruit salad is nice and easy. I like to toss hemp & flax seeds on it.  Now doesn't that look yummy.

Now if you aren't at home and the desire to eat strikes, what do you do?

Look for snacks that aren't riddled with sugars or fried. Often there are much healthier choices out there.

Have a look see what you can find. :)

Now as for my update. things are going okay. I need to get my drive going again, But with making smarter food choices is helping me have more energy with always helps.

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