Monday, January 7, 2013

Mamavation Monday ~~~ Eating for a Change

Wow it is amazing how fast a week can go by, isn't it? With being accepted into the Sisitahood, I have been trying to focus more on what I am doing and what is going into my body. I have two challenges for January going on. First I'm doing and ab challenge that I found online that is a few daily exercises to help target the core, a place where I know I am weak ( many people are!)

Second I'm doing a raw green smoothie challenge with Young and Raw. I like smoothies for my morning drink because it is easy and I know i'm getting lots of good stuff in my body to start the day. I make it an intention to never put more in my smoothie then I would actually eat at a sitting so I'm not overfilling my body.
this was a green smoothie for the whole family
So far it is going great. this past week I have focused on keeping my sugar down so I found a delish little snack that is so super good for you it can barely be called a treat, but those are the best kind. :) We are having lots of veggies with dinner and little to no grains for me and not surprising i'm not feeling bloated and icky. 

Well that the update for m=now.. week one going well lets go for week two !!!

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  1. I should do the ab challenge too. My core needs help after giving birth!

  2. good luck on the challenges!!