Monday, April 30, 2012

Why I love my 90 day challenge

Okay so I'm going to level with you I'm a promoter for the 90 day Challenge with Body by Vi. I know i bet you hadn't guessed that yet. Heck because this blog is a few days old you may not even know it or even care. Though something has been bugging me for a bit and I need to let it out.

I keep hearing from people that" whole foods is life long nutrition", or "you need to exercise in order to lose weight". How about the this " this is just a fad and unless you want to have shakes every day for the rest of your life, you'll just put the weight back on."

Whole food are great,yes but sometimes people need something else to kick start a healthy life. I eat whole food most of the time and we try to reduce preservatives and junk in our house. This means we don't have ready made cookie in packages. If we have chips usually it is corn tortillas. I make goodies and treats for my kids. Now I'm not perfect we have jell-o and pudding boxes but you know how often the kids get it... oh maybe once or twice a year. We don't have cheesy puffs or sugary cereals. I don't think my kids have ever had fruit loops. I limit hot dogs and processed lunch meats. We don't drink a lot of juice and usually keep it to water for a regular choice. I make choices for my families food because I believe healthy eating is a life long skill that is important. My fridge is filled with fruits and vegetables. My kids ask for fruit most of the time, they actually know too much sugar isn't good for them. They do know a level of self control, well sometimes, at least they know they need to eat fruits and veggies before they can have treats, or that they need a big glass of water before they can have juice.

No my reality is I have been struggling with my weight for awhile now. I have pretty much always been self conscious about my body. I think a lot of girls are. There is an ideal that we see that isn't real. It is a disease called perfection. Check out that blog post from another really awesome blogger. Seriously I have been following this guy for awhile he write some amazing stuff

This is my reality, ViSalus has worked for me, much better than anything else has. I have dropped some weight and I am feeling so great. I have energy and I want to get out and do things, which is a bit newer for me.This has given me so much in so many ways. Just because I use a shake to get there does not make me any less then people who use whole foods. You know what, I eat whole foods on top of my shake. I had been trying to do a shake a day for a long time with no success, actually backwards success.Yes I gained weight :( These shakes had various foods in them a lot of them were classified under green smoothies. I even tried doing the butter smoothie a friend of mine posted. Check that out here. Unfortunately for me they just weren't working, not sure why they weren't because they were working for my other friends but it just wasn't doing it for me. I was really beginning to feel like I would never lose the extra weight without hours and hours at the gym with costly membership fees and no time to get there without children. Yes i know there are the 24 hour fitness places but back to the cost thing.

I believe in life long nutrition and exercise but now with this vehicle I am finally getting there. I have the energy to actually get up and do something about my life. I have desire again. I want to look the way I want to feel. I know I have a vibrate personality and I love people but I have been so darn self conscious due to my weight issues that I have been having troubles letting it out. I'm tried of being the kinda heavy not sure if she is pregnant or not girl. I'm sick of it. So I found something that actually works for me and yes I promote it because I BELIEVE in it. Now you can hate all you want on it because it is not 100% natural, but you know what it is better than the stuff most people eat. To me this isn't some quick fix I know I need to get out and exercise more. This has given me health where my diet didn't. My minera and vitamin levels are up and leveled. I'm not as moody, I'm not depressed I love my life, I love my husband, I love my children, I love the 90 day challenge and I love all of you.

This here was my first 90 day challenge. I'm starting my second consecutive 90 day challenge and I'm going for more weight loss and more energy


  1. Alicia, I don't hate on your personal health choices. They are your choices and it is great that they work for you and I'm sure body by Vi is a great kick start for a lot of people. My comments have only been because I am so passionate about nutrition and fitness. I am glad you are incorporating healthy eating and exercise into your life style and I am glad you are happy. I understand about body insecurities as well and if what you are doing works for you then that is great. I don't think people hate on it, I think people care about you and are happy for you. The judgements are made because so often people do fad diets, and have fluctuating weight gain and loss, and don't do everything they ought to. They follow one step, rather then everything. I for one exercise, but still have belly fat because I am not strict enough with my diet. It's looking at the whole picture that is important and I think that is why people show concern, but obviously you are doing lots to take care of yourself, so don't worry about what other people say. Also understand that Body by Vi is not for everyone. Keep up the good work.

  2. Quite often it's been shown that even if one is to eat only 100% natural foods, they still can't get all the nutrition they need to have perfectly healthy bodies because of the way food is grown now, the soil and plants are depleted of the nutrients that make nutrient rich foods. We need help to ensure our diets are full of the vitamins and minerals our body needs, if you are low on any of those, it makes weight loss VERY difficult. Even taking regular multi-vitamin pills don't give you all that you need because your body only absorbs a small amount that the pill contains. I don't know much about bodybyVI, but it sounds like those shakes help give you those nutrients that you need so dearly, in an easy shake meal. So I say, Why not!?

    Congrats on your weightloss journey! As long as you are learning healthy eating habits along the way, sometimes you need a little extra boost to get you there. Congrats! And good luck with your next cycle.

  3. Congratulations on your journey, your commitment to your health and your determination to do what you know is right for you. Best wishes!

  4. You are doing great, your pictures show it :-) I need to get there do a 90 day challenge, thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, look at you! You're doing and looking great! It sounds like you are living the healthy lifestyle! Keep up the good work.

  6. You are looking great! Keep up the great work. We all need to find what works for us individually and will keep up motivated. I'm glad you found something to keep you working towards healthier living.

  7. Wow! Only 90 days?? How cool is that :) It's so nice to hear about success stories for a change. Keep it up!

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