Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding with ViSalus

As a mom I understand the weight issues. I had babies my body changed, boy did it ever change. I have had friends who lost weight easily, actually i have had friends that lost weight so quickly they actaully had trouble keeping on weight. A small part of me hated those people. I tried to go to the gym but I never felt comfortable with the gym daycares. I had a list of excuses. There were times I would go and try for a bit but the results were never as quick as I wanted. Heck they were never even noticeable for me. It drove me crazy. I know one of my biggest issues was sugar. Sugar is my evil little friend, I love sugar in many forms, most particularly CHOCOLATE!!!

When I first came across the Body by Vi Challenge, I was a major skeptic. It seemed way to good to be true. Two shakes a day and I can lose weight? It sounded like a pipe dream or one of those miracle things that as soon as you stop all the weight piles back on, you know the ones I'm talking about. I ignored it and went along my merry way of thinking I could lose weight. Well it came back again and again to me, and from different sources. So I decided to have deeper look into the product and see what all the fuss was about.

Major things for me was making sure it was okay for pregnancy and breastfeeding. I'm still currently nursing two of my children so I can't take something the is suggested against for breastfeeding. I scoured the internet for a few days looking at everything I could find about the products, looking at the FAQ's, different blog post just about everything I could get my hands on!

What I found was you CAN take the shakes. They actually suggest you do. Now you do have to be smart with it. During pregnancy DO NOT try to lose weight ( baby is growing and weight will happen and should ) just use the shakes in addition to your healthy diet. It tastes so great you can use it as a dessert or a treat just change what you put into it. Mmmmm chocolate milk and peanut butter... doesn't that sounds great. Even with fruit it makes an awesome smoothie. I love almond milk and blueberries, one of my favourites. I could snack on that all day. While nursing it not suggested to try and lose weight until the baby is at least 4 month old. For me personally I wouldn't until your baby is eating solids which should be 6 months or older according to current recommendations. That way the baby isn't solely relying on your nutrition, you can still have the shakes though try not to dramatically reduce your calories cause you need them to produce milk. From what I have found it is recommended that you maintain a 1500- 1800 calorie count to keep your milk supply up.

Now for how safe is it. I looked at this website

it is really up to you to make your descisions

It lays things out pretty good. most of my take away from everything I read was stay away from the Vi Slim and Vi Trim. that is the fat burning metabolism and the appetite reducer. Those are the things you don't want to risk that going through to your baby. Keep your calories up ( to modest amounts ~ 1500/day) and eat right. If you have questions about that you can ask a nutritionist for more info. In general keep your carbs down and veggies and protein high. For me it was a shift of mind where you split you plate in half half in veggie quarter is protein and the other could be a starch. I don't believe in eliminating a food group but I believe in being smart in your choices and using whole grain, non GMO food and really just think about what you are putting into your body. Think how far this food has traveled to get into your body? Try for local cheaper option. They are there you just need to look.

With the vitamins because they are chelated they absorb really quickly and really well so that your body can use them Omegas are great. there is mixed stuff about the anti ageing and energy it is suggested that you consult your doctor to maybe see how they feel about them. Though your doctor may not know about them so bring them the info. And the antioxidant has some mixed reviews as well same goes for the doctor thing.

Oh and they are totally good for children too! My boys love the shakes. Every single time the blender goes I have little ones begging for some too! ** Not recommended for children as a meal supplement, an addition too and only in small quantities**

The Neruo and Pro seem to be pretty good and are excellent alternative to the mainstream energy drinks you get in the store. I love the neuro helps me wake up and get going. I have not ever been a big coffee drinker so I just usually struggled on long days but no more struggling. I love this because when I'm struggling my patience is lower which is never good when you have little ones. Now with pregnancy there is a lot of mixed reviews with the amount of caffeine a pregnant women can have, I would consult your care provider and discuss before going on any products. It is always better to err on the side of caution.

Now if you are still looking to sign up you can do so here. It's exploding and it can help you get started. on a journey. Remember that this is a lifestyle change, it's not just about drinking "magic" shakes. get a plan and follow it this is a tool!!

For recipes & tips on how to make a real change check back here

******** Please note that yes this is a soy based product and do your own research on whether or not you can use soy. As well there are artificial sweeteners in them, some people are unable to tolerate them. Use you own power to research and read ingreddients

**** Now with any of my opinions I do not take the place of a professionals advice. I am not a doctor or nutritionist, just a mom with an opinion that you can take or leave. I'm not responsible for your choices, you are fully capable of making your own choices. I always encourage others to really look at what they are reading and judge for themselves. You know what you need!


  1. This is great. I recently started the 90 day challenge and for some reason had a concern about calorie reduction, after a week on the shakes I lost 5 lbs but then plateaued because it actually lowers your metabolism when your body requires more for breastfeeding. My baby is 2 months old. I'm so glad for this advice as it coincides with my other research. I've added more calories in the form of healthy snacks in between the shakes and dinner. I feel better and will be anxious to see if this aids in a gradual, healthy and natural weight loss. I'm right there with you - baby #3 and ready to be in shape again!

  2. It's so great when you find something that works for you! I think everyone is different, and has to find their own thing. My sister was on a diet to help her low blood sugar while breastfeeding, and I think she went into starvation mode, with the baby getting everything for survival. She's better now, not breastfeeding anymore, but you do have to mind that. Women in Africa experience that more, where their bodies give everything to the baby. The baby lives, and they die...sad.

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