Friday, March 8, 2013

When she finds her power......

Today marks International Women's Day. It is the 102 anniversary, an admittedly the world is very different then it was back then. There has been many strides in rights for women, we now vote, become educated, we can hold just about any position in first world developed countries. We are women hear us roar!!!
It is not all sugar coating and candy though. It is still very hard for women. Everything from our reproductive organs, the clothes we wear to when and where we are allowed to pray, birth or breastfeed are under attack regularly. Yes to some these are very first world issues and there are always bigger issues at hand. Though why are we doing squabbling about small thing when there are bigger issues.
What are some big issues?

Work, Pay & Education
While women now are allowed in the work place there is still many male dominated fields. While many nay sayers will say that women are very welcome in many male dominated programs, the graduation rates show differently. In Canada only 3.7% of enrolled student are women and at a staggering 1.5% represent the graduation numbers. Now yes there are defiantly female dominated fields like nursing, teaching. There are many more field that are male dominated for post secondary education. The big shocker for that is more women are going to post secondary school. In 2006/2007 women represented 56% of enrollment and 59% of graduates.( Status of Women Canada)
Now we know that women have the education. Though women still often make less money then men for the same position. Now why is that?
Another argument I see is why women are not often seen in the position of power and authority. They are not often in the forefront of the organizations, even if they hold higher positions. Where are the women?
Violence against women
This is heart wrenching to think about. One in three women, TODAY, will be a victim of violence. That is over 1 billion individuals. That shocks my heart but I know it is possible the the numbers are much higher. There are things that are not currently included in what classifies violence against women most particularly obstetric violence. For more info on that please check out
Women living in conflict zones fear daily for them and their families. Most of the world refugees displaced by conflict are women and children. The levels of rape also increase in conflict areas increasing the violence against women. For some shocking facts look here
These are really the main arguments I hear about when I hear people stomping around about women's rights. We want freedom with our bodies and if we choose to go to work we want to make the same amount of money!
Double Standards equation
There are a lot of double standards in the world. We need to be eliminating this thought ad stigma.  Feminism is about rights and freedom for women. Surprisingly it is not about crushing men. Equality is attainable if you stop the crushing and allow people to do what they desire and stop trying to control.

Find your power
Today recognize that you are a strong beautiful amazing person. Capable of doing whatever you desire. Whether it is to become a plumber or architect or stay home with the children. You have my support. Lets celebrate women. We have a far greater influence in this world then we often realize. Find your power and realize with good intentions how far you can go with it.
How will you be celebrating today?

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