Monday, March 25, 2013

Mamavation Monday ~~~~~Who is YOUR Inspiration?

Isn't that a big question? Who inspires you to make the change in your life?

For me my inspiration come in varying sizes. Small, medium and large as I often tell people. I have three beautiful wonderful amazing little boys that inspire me everyday. They are so full of life and excitement I just want to experience everything with them. I want to play and run and jump. I want to be with them and have fun.

Are they just sweet little bundles of inspiration.

Now some people think I'm a little off when I tell them that my children are my inspiration for the things that I do. People expect that inspirations are supposed to be older people that you look up to and want to follow their example. Well there is a few people that are older than me that I do look to for guidance but for true inspiration I look down. Why? Well they are really who I want to be as a person, happy friendly, loving and kind. Yes they are not always that but really most of the time they are awesome people. They make me proud to call them my boys every day. 

No scale or non scale victories to report, still recovering form a few weeks ago :( and now I'm sick.

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