Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why I have been MIA

You may have noticed a  distinct lack of posts over the past....... oh say few months.

Yup we are expecting a bundle of joy to join our family. Number 4 will certainly enrich our lives to a new level.
How am I feeling? CRAPPY & SICK
I'm at 16 ish weeks and still spending once or twice a day smiling at my toilet bowl. I'm hoping I will be feeling much better soon. I will be updating every now and then with how I am feeling, emotionally and physically. 
As for right now emotions are still on random high alert. You never know how I am going to be feeling from day to day, heck from minute to minute. Physically still very run down and exhausted. It may have something to do with three other children but who knows. ;) Starting to feel a bit of movement which is nice.

All will be be good and we are very excited to welcome our new little one before the end of the year.

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